Around 1996, Lopez Brothers Silversmiths was founded.  Brothers Joe and Anthony “Tony” Lopez opened shop in the small Hill Country town of Bandera, Texas where they grew up.  Their mission was to resurrect the original artisan skills of the Silversmith and share it with those who appreciate traditional arts.
They collaborated with their middle brother Rick only part time, while he pursued his interests in the south Texas oil field full time.  During that time, they crafted spurs, bits and buckles dabbling in jewelry along the way.  Soon thereafter, Rick Lopez joined the silversmith posse bringing his casting expertise to the workbench of Lopez Brothers Silversmiths.  Suffice it to say, another spotlight that Rick added to their business, was the art of design. Envisioning future opportunities of the Silversmith trade, Rick was traveling back to his hometown more often to work with his two brothers.  Rick made the decision to financially commit to his brothers’ Silversmith business and in 2000, he made a financial investment which would bring the Lopez brothers full circle as Lopez Brothers Silversmiths!
As things came together for Joe, Tony & Rick Lopez, during the period of 2007, Tony Lopez trained and shared his masterful art of engraving to Marcelino “El Chino” Garcia and then with later in 2009 with Gerardo Escalant of Atlantic Diamonds & Gold.  In his lifetime, Tony Lopez only taught these two apprentices the very unique art of scroll engraving.
A short history about their background…Tony Lopez would further his education in engraving by training under the tutelage of Bill Houston, Silversmith and Engraver at Simm’s Spur Company in their hometown of Bandera, Texas.  From 1992 , Tony Lopez continued with Simm’s Spur Company until 1998, improving his engraving skills over time.  In 2005, Tony Lopez developed a like-minded trade friendship with renowned Gun Engraver William “Bill” Mains, who would prove to be a mentor for life to Tony Lopez as a Gun Engraver.  Working with Bill Mains is where Tony Lopez found his true passion:  gun engraving.  Mr. Mains taught Tony his treasured art of gun engraving when in Texas once a year, for a period of about eight years.  Mr. Mains once counseled the entrepreneurial Lopez brothers saying “…you two follow through with what I explained and taught you!”  Their dear friend William Mains found his forever traveling Engraving Workshop and departed this life in December 2012.
At the same time both brothers were building Lopez Brothers Silversmiths, Rick was managing the front end with seeking new business and with handling sales.  Rick had the task of jewelry design and badge maker; Tony performed the hand engraving and Silversmithing…
Just as things had come together for the Lopez Brothers, much to the dismay of Tony and Rick, suddenly their brother Joe left this life and headed for that Silversmith workbench in the sky in 2002.  Just when you believe you have worked out and perfected many things in business, life at Lopez Brothers Silversmiths would have another impact. Such was the case of Tony Lopez.  He had a stroke and later passed this earthly life in 2011, joining Mr. Mains in the eternal and final Engraving Workshop.
So here we are today, 2013 with Rick Lopez the last to join and the only brother remaining to carry on the art of Silversmithing in Lopez Brothers’ style.